The importance of written legal agreements

How do I make the contract legally binding?

Legal document company Clickdocs receives many queries from customers asking how they make their agreements legally binding and do they need a solicitor to do this. The simple answer is that once the agreement is signed by the parties they are legally bound by it. If one party breaks the agreement, the other party has a legal right to enforce what was originally agreed. This includes all the terms and conditions of the contract.

It is surprising how many people do business without having a formal written contract.

A couple of years ago, a website designer friend of mine agreed to build a website for a mutual friend. The design, time-scale and price were agreed on a handshake and no written agreement was signed. Our mutual friend kept changing his mind about the design and eventually the job, which was supposed to take one month, ran to three and my friend realised he had spent more time than the job was worth and wrote the project off. Our mutual friend refused to pay for the work done and because there was no written agreement my friend had no redress. Unsurprisingly, they are no longer friends.

Excuses for not having a written contract

One of the most common excuses for not having a written agreement, as in the above example, is that the other party is a friend or just seems like ‘a nice guy’. In the majority of situations things will go smoothly but it just takes one misunderstanding for things to go wrong. Although oral agreements can be binding and enforceable, they can be difficult to prove. That’s why it’s important to have an agreement in writing.

Pedestrians can save time and keep the streets clean with Junk Clearance and Recycling in London

Pedestrians have a right to live in clean city spaces in London but it also comes with the responsibility of individuals to take part in the disposal and recycling of rubbish. The best advice is to use a professional waste recycling company that adheres to the environmental regulations of the Environmental agency. For those that need a house clearance London based company All Your Junk offers cost-effective solutions. The team provides an eco-friendly service and does all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. When it comes to the proper removal of junk and rubbish, they have the right services offered to rid your home of any non-hazardous waste.

If you require a removal service due to an accumulation of electrical appliances, construction waste or old furniture, this group can help, all while leaving your home immaculate afterwards. They provide a quality service that is simply unmatched by competitors.

What do they do?
The process of house clearing is simple. Initially, a two-man crew and truck will come to your home during your appointment time. Before leaving, the crew will ensure they clean your home so you don’t have to worry about the mess. Since they are a professional eco-friendly company, you can rest assured they will recycle your old junk whenever possible.
For house clearance London residents who don’t have the time to clear their home or the space to keep unwanted items, they call All Your Junk. Items frequently removed from homes include, but are not limited to:
• Beds
• Sofas
• Cookers
• Washing Machines
• Old Carpets
• Household Rubbish
• Desks, Art Work
• Electrical Equipment
• Fish Tanks
• Clothing
• Heavy Gym Equipment and more

Imagine the time back in your life, instead of wasting the weekend away hauling these items yourself. You also can feel confident in knowing you are doing the right thing, because they will remove your items with the public health and safety in mind. You should not pass up this affordable and hassle free service.

How to Set Up Your Appointment
Setting up an appointment is easy with All Your Junk. You can call the today or visit them online and set up a free initial on-site quote. There is absolutely no obligation to proceed further. If you’re satisfied with the quote, you will set up an appointment for a removal date and time for the crew that is convenient for you.
The crew will then come to your home to rid your home of the rubbish. It will then be disposed of in a licensed facility and you will receive confirmation of the waste transfer.

What are the benefits of house clearance?
There are numerous benefits of having a house clearance. You will effectively rid your living space of rubbish and make room for fresh new items. It will tidy up your home and allow you to organise your life much more efficiently. Lifting heavy furniture can be a hassle and in some cases, dangerous. Protect yourself from injury by allowing the professional team at All Your Junk do the heavy lifting for you. All Your Junk is a responsible company, so they will clean up any mess left. So, if you are looking for a convenient and eco-friendly way to organise your home, contact today. Doing so will definitely save you time and money.

What does it mean if your Cleaning Contractor is ISO9001 registered?


Like any individual, businesses are proud of their accomplishments and display their accreditations, after all businesses are run by individuals!

So what does it mean to have a cleaning contractor that is ISO9001 registered?

ISO9001 (Quality Management System) is awarded by British Standards Institute aiming to provide companies guidelines on how an organisation can standardise it’s process, sets objectives for quality improvement, monitoring their effectiveness and finally via feedback loop, assess and continually improve the company’s processes and procedures.

The question is how does as consumer, you are effected if your Cleaning Contractor is ISO9001 accredited?

Are Payday Loan Companies Walking All Over the Consumer?

“Overspent over Christmas?” asks a poster from the Money Advice Service. Unfortunately for some, payday websites are asking the same. In 2012, a weight of political opinion gathered against high-interest loans to the financially vulnerable, with Labour peer Lord Mitchell describing “legalised loan-sharking” as “out of control”. Plans announced in December will empower the new [...]